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Surprise Engagement Picnic

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

When one of my best friends got engaged, the girls and I threw her a surprise engagement picnic! Complete with prop set up, themed outfits and a food spread, we threw together the most fuss-free, cost-effective (but with all the frills) surprise to celebrate the news!

The Lie

We told Nitz, the bride-to-be, that we were meeting for lunch for one of our regular group catch-ups. As we usually theme our lunch dates, we told her to wear something white, as that would be the colour of choice for this particular catch up. Meanwhile, the rest of us planned to arrive in red. (Nitz however, being the laid-back chick she is, only realised after she arrived that her dress was more navy than white. Classic.) Below you can see me project managing the situation, ensuring the rest of the crew would arrive before the guest of honor. My friends on the other hand had much more important things to attend to...

The Set Up

Bri (our prop queen in the hat) filled her boot that morning with anything and everything picnic-decor-worthy from her ever growing prop stash and dashed off to meet myself and Progress (babe in the florals). Within less than 30 minutes, we had set up food, drink and table display before Nitz arrived. We themed everything from the gift wrapping to the cake stands to have a splash of red to be in line with our theme of love (and also the future bride's favourite colour).

The Surprise

Upon Nitz's arrival, I blindfolded her, draped a Bride-to-Be sash around her, crowned her and and told her to jump on my back (as she was wearing heels). I then carried her off from the car park and down the grassy hill through a leafy archway until we reached our very secluded picnic spot. After dropping her off (quite literally), I removed the blindfold and we all yelled, "Surprise!".

The Bride-to-Be after the big reveal!

The Cost

With a bottle or two of bubbly, one beautiful personalised cake, some snacks from Aldi's and some super delicious scones and tea from the nursery who accommodated us, food came to a total of $160. Including the engagement present, Bride-to-Be sash and Bri's handmade flower crown, we pulled off this entire event for just $62 each! I'm a big fan of being thrifty but fabulous, so we were all quite proud of ourselves! #winning

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